Once I realized disordered eating was such a feminist issue everything really clicked for me.  I guess I’d always known it was but never really focused on it.  They really are intertwined, which makes it important to look at both during recovery.  I’d really like to examine that idea more in a later post, when I have more time to devote to writing.

To become strong women in our lives we must demand respect, as it usually isn’t just handed to us.  I could easily go into great detail about the importance of feminism here, but I’ll just say this: fueling our eating disorders just shows the rest of the world that we reserve little respect for ourselves. Thus, they feel that they are allowed to treat us with just that same small amount of consideration, if any.  Recovery is a way to show them, and ourselves, just how tough and deserving of respect we really are.

Let’s show them all. We are strong.


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